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School Bus

School Bus - Mirror Covers
P/N: C300/bk, AS300/bk, AS301/bk, BB300/bk, MHE300/b, HE300/b, ASJ300/b, DR300/bk
Part #
9” Round Convex Cover C300/bk
West Coast Mirror Cover AS300/bk
West Coast Over Hang Mirror Cover - Euro AS301/bk
Bus Boy Mirror Cover BB300/bk
Mini Hawk Eye Mirror Cover MHE300/b
Hawk Eye Mirror Cover HE300/b
Double Nickel & Eagle Style Mirror ASJ300/b
Dolly Mirror Cover DR300/bk

School Bus Covers (Storage Container Included)
P/N: B200/bk, C200/bk, CB200/bk, C2013/bk, D200/bk
Saves start-up time, reduces warm-up fuel consumption and provides a low-cost safety item. Easily installed. While not in use, it can be stored in its' own storage container and tied to any support bar inside the vehicle for easy access & storage.
Part #
(B) Style--Overhead Cab Windshield Cover B200/bk
(C) Style—Conventional Windshield Cover C200/bk
(C) Style—Conventional (Bluebird) Windshield Cover CB200/bk
(C) Style—New C2013/bk
(D) Style—Flat Nose Transit Windshield Cover D200/bk

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