12 Aviation Training, RAF

"In my two years of buying equipment from the economy your company by far and away is the most focused on customer support and quality assurance."

7th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment

"As Commander I would be greatly remiss if I did not comment on the incredible customer service attitude of the company .. Due to our experience with Rolin Industry Canopy Covers and the tremendous cost savings and increase in readiness, I highly recommend the U.S. Army "FEDLOG" this product."

H-60 Fleet Manager, Dyncorp

"My hangar space here is very limited so we used it outside while acft were running up taxing by. The canopy never moved. The vent holes allowed it to breath. It has been very hot here.. Under the canvas it was as much 10 to 15 degrees cooler. I would like to thank all of you for your efforts to provide us a quality product."

6th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)

"During the recent rotation none of the aircraft windshields suffered damage. Past windshield covers that were made of canvas did not prevent such damage. Your product was made of material that prevented the accumulation of sand and becuse of the custom fit prevented the trapping of sand and allowed the covers to remain secure to the aircraft. A great product! Is sure to be accepted as top notch throughout the Army."

4th Brigade, 1st infantry Division - Kosovo

"Higly recommeds Windshield Buddy Company (Rolin Industries) as the source for covers."

4th Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment

"All the covers performed very well, the windshield covers provided  above average protection for flowing debris. The engine inlet covers provided above average protection from the elements as well. In summary, all the products provided by Rolin Industries exceeded the expectation of the unit."

Headquarters, US Army Aviation and Troop Support Command

"The AH-64 canopy cover manufactured by Rolin Industries evaluation:

a. The cover is completely water resistant and vcovers the entire Crew Station/FAB/TADS/PNVS areas.

b. The cover has a scratch resistant liner that protects the side windscreens from sand and dirt erosion. The cover and liner together act as a cushion to protetct the pilot and CPG windscreens from rocks and other debris from the rotor wash.

c. The ultraviolet coating of the cover help reduce crew station and TADS/PNVS turret heat dramatically.

After almost a year of testing, the cover has been found to be durable, light weight, and easy to install. The cover can be installed by one soldier in approximately five minutes. It folds easily, and can be stored in the fly-away gear compartment.

The material and liner used in the AH-64A/D cover is the same used in the UH-60A/L cover. The UH-60A/L cover is currently in use in units from Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, and Task Force 160th at Fort Campbell with excellent results."

2nd Battalion, 4th Aviation Regiment

"The Windshield Buddy" windshield covers perform exceptionally. the "Windshiled Buddy" protects the windshields from harsh and blowing sand. The "Windshield Buddy" significantly reduced the effects of the sand and blowing debris - significantly reducing our costs and maintenance efforts. It is an exceptional product at a minimal price."


"The purpose of this letter is to inform you of how your product performed in one of the harshest environments in the world.

During the National Training Center (NTC) Rotation 96-11 from 1 - 28 August 1996, 1 - 159th Aviation Regiment utilized the UH-60 Windshield Buddies for the main front windshield against the harsh environmental conditions of the Mojave Desert, CA.

Environmental conditions of the Mojavian Desert consisted of 120 degree F temperatures with 45-60 knot wind / sand gusts. Your product seviced the needs of the battalion and was directly responsible for sand pitting protection from blowing sand. Another added benefit of the covers was the protection from the sun for the cockpit.

Your product serviced the needs of the battalion extremely well. The covers were simple to maintain and easily installed on the aircraft. The cover's outer shell was made of the right material to preserve windshields from sand pitting and did not allow sand to accumulate. Furthermore, the elastic straps held the covers securely.

BOTTOM LINE: The product you now produce exceeded our expectations and performed extremely well."

Edward Horne
Captain, U.S. Army Aviation
Logistics Officer


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